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Upgraded IT Systems Drastically Increase Reliability | Howards Motor Group Case Study

Nicola Moss

Head of Marketing at Node4

Centralised IT infrastructure provides reliable, stable, and enterprise-grade professional technology across 14 locations

Node4, the cloud, data centre and communications solutions provider has announced it has successfully upgraded Howards Motor Group’s central IT systems. The infrastructure now delivers a consistent, multi-functional desktop environment, enterprise-grade connectivity, secure data backup and virtual server, all securely housed in Tier-3 data centres.

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Established in 1972, Howards mission is to make sure that buyers have the best possible experience they could ever have buying a car. Behind the scenes, this means the use of stable and reliable technology to underpin and support the great service. However, the systems Howards had in place before turning to Node4 were making it harder for the team to do their job. The final blow came when the company was hit by a virus, resulting in it losing one server entirely. Howards needed a partner to deliver something simple to integrate and use, within a short time-frame.

Working with Node4 has allowed for the centralised management of the systems, and the systems put in place means that Howards can now easily deploy new locations, and can make changes itself far easier than ever before. Additionally, whenever Howards experiences any issues, Node4 has been able to deploy hardware and resolve any challenges very quickly.

“The benefits of having great connectivity between sites is immense,” said Mike Devonald, Group IT Manager at Howards. “We don’t have to worry about systems working, and Node4 has made some good suggestions to make our tech better. We have had a great experience with every area of Node4, and what they deliver is a brilliant addition to the business.”

“The older systems decided to crumble just as we started to integrate the new ones, so we needed Node4’s response times to be very short,” Devonald continued. “They were great – they managed to get everything working for us at an extraordinary rate, and we know we had made the right choice.”

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