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Tech sector a launch pad to boost economy

AG3compositeRightGrowth in the size of the technology sector is important but the quality of the product remains key, says Andrew Gilbert, managing director of Node4

Pressure on companies to streamline their operations, increase efficiencies and make savings have been named as factors that have driven growth in the technology sector. With the UK economy still volatile with significant ramifications on the global economy, innovations in the technology sector are allowing companies to do more with less.

The technology sector has been highlighted as a major area for growth in the UK economy but according to Andrew Gilbert from data centre and communications specialist Node4, the industry needs long-term strategies in order to increase innovation and prosperity in the future.

He said, “Throughout the technology sector, the changing landscape has helped introduce some groundbreaking new inventions to the marketplace. For instance, rapid advances in technology are allowing companies to outsource their IT provisions and eliminate the need for substantial initial investment. Due to the high levels of security available and reliable connectivity within our sites, the data centres are one of the beneficiaries of the latest innovations. However, as more is done to drive further growth, the industry shouldn’t lose sight of what comes first – high-performance solutions that will service end-users for years to come.”

Encouragement has come from various sources to create a booming technology sector that sees entrepreneurs bring new products and services to market and nurtures talent from the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron is just one of the voices that has told the entrepreneurs and trailblazers in the country that there is high expectation on them to bring about changes in the industry that will help Britain position itself as a world leader.

Andrew Gilbert, a young start-up businessman with bags of potential entered the market with innovative ideas and seven years later, he is now the Managing Director of one of the fastest growing data centre providers in the UK with a turnover of £11 million. His view is that although there is potential for growth, the industry needs more than transient businesses that will struggle to survive in the longer term.

He said, “It’s an encouraging sign that entrepreneurs are receiving the backing to create start-ups in the tech sector but there are a number of key aspects that are often overlooked. In the past, many have done themselves a disservice by underestimating the importance of quality and reliability of the service as well as competition in the marketplace and when unprepared start-ups do this, it is often to the detriment of the entire sector.

“When we talk about my business, Node4, it’s a very sustainable business, very trustworthy and people use our service to safeguard their sensitive data. The sector is in danger of becoming saturated with hoards of comparable companies offering very similar products but at Node4 we have differentiated ourselves by placing a strong emphasis on a customer-centric culture. The close relationships with our clients at a local level and our growing number of local data centres will enable us to respond to their requirements and continually evolve our offering to make sure it always leads the field.”

Node4 is an example of a company with growth aspirations that will indeed make a difference not only to the company’s own customer base, but also to the industry through its ground-breaking services and approach to business. Managing Director Andrew Gilbert is ready to accept the challenge. He has already become a prolific player in the industry by growing at an incredible rate – 60% over the last three years, with more developments in the pipeline. He was also recently crowned European Data Centre Entrepreneur of the Year 2011.

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