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Node4 launches cloud without the capital

New n4Cloud offer bespoke route to the cloud without huge upfront investment

Data centre and communications firm Node4 has launched n4Cloud, its new cloud infrastructure. n4Cloud is a high quality, high specification infrastructure that offers organisations flexibility by allowing them to build their own cloud-based solution using a ‘pick and mix’ approach.

Node4’s n4Cloud utilises the company’s network of four data centres to allow organisations to select which services they require and outsource the hosting of their infrastructure, applications and services to suit their current business strategy. n4Cloud consists of a range of components that includes n4Compute (virtual server platform), n4Store (storage platform) and n4Balance (load balancing infrastructure). By choosing from the seven available components, users can pay only for what they need without buying services they don’t. To complete the solution, customers have the option to add on licences that can also be paid for on a monthly basis using Node4’s agreements with software vendors such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.

The service was developed to reflect the different ways businesses use cloud computing to access their IT solutions. For instance, n4Cloud can be part of a hybrid cloud whereby two or more clouds (either public or private) remain separate entities but are bound together by standardised technology. This means that a company has the flexibility and control over which of its IT assets it wishes to outsource.

Companies that wish to build their own infrastructure within the private cloud can make use of Node4’s expertise to provide secure and resilient hosting from their data centres and dedicated connectivity to a company’s sites and the internet. Best of breed technology such as Cisco UCS servers and EMC storage deliver a reliable service through purpose built hardware.

n4Cloud highlights one of the major benefits of cloud technology – the ability to reduce capital expenditure and replace significant upfront costs with operational costs. Instead of the hefty initial cost of IT equipment, n4Cloud allows firms to pay a monthly fee for the service they need. In addition, the dynamic, flexible nature of the infrastructure means users can continue to add or modify their services as their business requirements and budgets dictate.

A vital component of the n4Cloud is the n4Portal - the intuitive control element of the n4Cloud. It is a powerful online web portal that manages various parts of the service and performs administrative tasks. It is where users can easily regulate what is a comprehensive collection of products.

With Node4’s reputation in cloud computing already established, n4Cloud allows companies to rest assured that their IT applications are delivered through an infrastructure that is reliable and well maintained. Node4 is responsible for everything including security, power and cooling at their data centres so companies are left to concentrate on the core functions of their businesses, while in-house IT staff can focus on business strategy instead of their time being swallowed up by menial maintenance tasks.

Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director of Node4, said, “Whether a company is looking to introduce virtualised environments, unified comms, enhanced disaster recovery or storage, we have created the n4Cloud to be a bespoke option for their requirements. We’ve seen growing numbers of businesses looking to move to a cloud infrastructure but don’t necessarily have the resources in house or the upfront capital to invest in the project. With our n4Cloud solution, our leading edge technology and established expertise enable customers to confidently establish themselves in the cloud in a cost effective way whereby they only pay for the services they want, when they want them.

“Node4 has been leading from the front in terms of innovation in cloud computing since we opened our first data centre in 2004. The n4Cloud is the evolution of our award winning service that is built from the ground up with our customers in mind. Our customers want their IT provisions to be built around them in a way that offers flexibility but also has high levels of support and security. The end result is a service that we believe will enable more people to set up cloud infrastructures than ever before.”


For more details see our n4Cloud page or meet us at our event 19th April at Cisco, Bedfont Lakes register your place today.

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