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10ZiG receives connectivity boost from Node4

An international technology company has seen greater efficiency in its business operations and improved bandwidth for voice calls thanks to a new solution implemented by Node4.

10ZiG Technology Ltd, with its head office in Arizona, USA and European headquarters in Leicester, UK, employed the services of data centre and communication solutions specialist, Node4, as it was looking for better connectivity between its US and UK offices. The move allows the company to provide an improved level of service to its customers.

With 10ZiG Technology’s backend systems, and finance and shipping applications based in its US headquarters, the European headquarters require access to its US head office. 10ZiG Technology, prior to switching to services provided by Node4, struggled with varied levels of service particularly during peak times. 10ZiG needed to improve the situation.

Node4 helped to transform the way they operate by installing an enhanced internet connection using Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM). They also provided 10ZiG with a SIP link that enables them to make voice calls through a reliable SIP trunk.

The solution provided by Node4 made cost savings for 10ZiG who previously had to pay a monthly fee and extra charges for mobile phone usage in the office. It has also given the company greater bandwidth, which empowers them to operate much more efficiently, and ultimately offer a greater level of service to its customers.

Kevin Greenway, Managing Director UK of 10ZiG Technology’s UK office, said, “10ZiG has been able to make cost savings, thanks to Node4’s transfer of our systems to a managed circuit. We often had to use mobiles to call our customers, partners and resellers because of the varying levels of quality experienced when using our analogue and VoIP systems.

“We now make calls internally through our Xorcom IP-PBX using the Node4 SIPlink service, in addition to utilising an FMC application on company mobile phones to further reduce costs to our mobile provider. We have also terminated our legacy trunk-lines to further reduce costs and balance the costs of switching to a managed circuit with the Node4 SIPlink service.

We’ve probably broken even in terms of what we were paying previously, towards line rental and mobile charges. We now have full control over our voice calls and a much better level of service for our customers and staff improving productivity and efficiency.”

Richard Buxton, Voice Services Manager at Node4, said, “Our aim is to support our clients in any way we can to enable them to become more efficient and in this case, 10ZiG Technology is now able to do more than it was previously able to do- with systems that facilitate a higher level of customer service and allow for cost reductions in the long-term. Going forward, we would be looking to provide additional services for 10ZiG Technology to make it an even more productive and profitable global business in an increasingly competitive market. For example, we could offer the company hosting and colocation solutions in future. We’ve now got the connectivity in place to the site with SIP connection that’s scalable, and that’s a start. As 10ZiG continues its growth, we’ll be able to offer more advanced solutions.”

For more information, download Node4's 10ZiG case study.

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