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TRANSFORMIT – your fabric of the future

Paul Bryce

CCO at Node4

Are your customers ready to start their digital transformation journey? Would you like to explore some options to help your customers take their first steps?

Digital innovation is driving substantial transformation within businesses, making them more competitive, agile and disruptive. However, with new technology and increasingly complex IT environments comes a host of new business challenges. Many organisational infrastructures are either set up on premise or are hosted with disparate public cloud or colocation providers. The problem for your customers is that their organisational applications and services are moving to multiple providers, with independent data, applications and systems.

We understand how hard it is for your customers to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation, while managing day to day operational needs and keeping an eye on budgets. The most effective way to enable your customer’s digital transformation journey is by sharing knowledge and experience with other business leaders in the industry.

This is why we’re hosting a ‘TRANSFORMIT – your fabric of the future event’ to enable your customers to do just that. The event will be a great opportunity for you to network and hear from our Technology experts to help solve your customer’s digital transformation challenges – making their businesses more scalable, agile and mobile.

You will hear from Node4 customers and share experiences on how your customers might also benefit from cloud, collaboration and enhanced connectivity.

Our customers will show you if private, public or hybrid cloud is right for your customers. Also, learn how your customers can scale their business operations to control costs and reduce risks, enabling them to drive innovation across their organisation.

Node4 as a managed services provider offers aggregated cloud capabilities; placing workloads onto the right cloud services, building true hybrid solutions, which include AWS and Azure alongside our own hybrid, cloud capability. Offering solutions for security; business continuity, backup, DR, and connectivity services is very important to this new hybrid model.

We can show you how to transform your customer’s business technology and help them achieve their objectives by combining applications, data and services.

The event will cover the below topic areas and more:

• Infrastructure as a service
• Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud
• Colocation services
• Security and business continuity
• Backup, Storage, Disaster Recovery
• Collaboration tools such as Voice & Video calling, Virtual Meetings, and Messaging Apps
• Managed Desktops

Attendees will also be able to demo and explore Node4’s new IT and technology developments.

‘Appy to Have your Vote’ – Your digital transformation Panel debate

TransformIT is all about you. We want you to choose what we discuss, to benefit you the most, such as:

  • Is Digital transformation essential to remain competitive and relevant?
  • Is your business culturally ready to embrace digital transformation?
  • Whose priority is it to drive digital transformation?
  • What are the obstacles in the way of innovation/digital transformation in your business?

On the day we’ll use a customised app which will allow you to vote for the questions you want our panel to discuss, in real-time. The power will be at your fingertips, to ensure the information you need is within reach.

Mark Phelps


Steve Denby

Steve Denby – Head of Solution Sales, Node4
The Data Revolution: How to digitally transform your business – 10:15 – 10:45
This is an in-depth look at how businesses can prepare themselves for a digital transformation which leverages its many business benefits, whilst avoiding the obstacles most competitors will encounter. As more and more digital disruptors enter the market, now is the time to think about your business agility; this presentation can show you how.

Steve Nice

Steve Nice – Chief Technologist, Node4
How to protect your business within private, public or hybrid cloud – 10:45 – 11:15
This is an unmissable presentation for anyone who recognises the importance of building adequate security into their cloud journey. We cover how utilising cloud (and the vast amount of benefits it brings) changes your threat landscape, in addition to key challenges such as ‘credential exposure’ and ‘information leakage’. We also, of course, talk about real and affordable solutions to avoid the threats as they emerge.

Mark Phelps

Mark Phelps – Collaboration Product Manager, Node4
Collaboration Accomplishes More: Here’s how to get it done effectively – 12:45 – 13:15
A presentation from Mark Phelps covering how collaboration is changing and which opportunities to seize for real ROI and positive workforce change. It covers crucial strategies for deploying tools you can make work for your business and how cloud and collaboration work in unison. It also gives you valuable insight from a specialist with 35 years experience in the industry, delivering measurable business benefits to a variety of different verticals.

Steve Denby

Andrew Slater & Russ McKendrick
Data, DevOps and Disruption – 14:30 – 15:00
In this interactive presentation we will be showcasing Node4’s capabilities around DevOps, Data and the Cloud. We’ll be exploring the challenges and opportunities for your customers in moving to a more DevOps aligned approach, discussing Infrastructure as Code and attempting a live deployment of a new application across multiple cloud platforms.

Steve Denby

Paul Bryce & Tom Needs
Your digital transformation – Panel Debate – 15:00 – 15:30
TransformIT is all about you. We want you to choose what we discuss, to benefit you the most. On the day we’ll use a customised app which will allow you to vote for the questions you want our panel to discuss, in real-time. The power will be at your fingertips, to ensure the information you need is within reach.

Register for the event and we will keep you up to date with the programme as it evolves.