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We’ve Achieved VMware Cloud Verified Status

Gregg Mearing

Chief Technology Officer at Node4

The innovation and intelligent design that we promise customers is made possible through expertise at Node4, combined with great working relationships with our technology partners.

It’s not enough for us to say that we are competent and collaborative in our relationships – we want our technology partners to be saying it too, which is why we strive for awards and certifications from industry-leading vendors.

Achieving VMware Cloud Verified status is great news for us, but more importantly for you, as customers or future customers. It confirms that we offer a service on top of the complete VMware Cloud infrastructure, and that we have the capabilities to provide you with efficiency, agility and reliability gains from cloud computing infrastructure.

The VMware Cloud Verified badge signals capabilities including:

  • Access to the complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies.
  • Integration and interoperability, so you can deploy core compute, storage and network building blocks, giving you the flexibility to run your apps in either the cloud or the data centre.
  • Cost optimisation, lowering your TCO with consistent operations and infrastructure across data centres and the cloud.

Ensuring your business is ready for the future

As well as establishing our competence at this moment in time, being a Cloud Verified provider puts us in good stead for the future. As part of a small group of MSPs in the UK to achieve this status, we’ll be on VMware’s radar when it comes to gaining access to their latest and greatest technologies.

Ultimately you benefit, as we’ll have the latest technologies to choose from when solving your business challenges, whatever they are. Whether you’re taking your first steps in migrating to the cloud or delivering your cloud-first strategy, we’ll remain equipped to think outside of the box and deliver the right solution to you.

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