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The Ease of Hacking in 2017

Tom Hassan

Digital Marketing Executive at Node4

The Ease of Hacking in 2017

Hacking is everywhere. It’s all you hear about in the news, notably with the latest Game of Thrones hack that has sent up more hysteria than the Red Wedding (that’s a GoT reference, for all of you non-watchers).

This is just the latest hack in a litany of incidents which have occurred over the past few years. More than ever in 2017, crime has gone digital. Cyber criminals wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims like thieves in the night posting their ransoms and successes under weird group epithets such as Fancy Bear, Lizard Squad, Bureau 121 and Syrian Electronic Army.

Hacking comes in all shapes and sizes, but some of the more prominent hacks we’ve seen of late include ransomware – the act of encrypting and blocking a target’s data until a ransom is paid. It’s essentially the virtual version of holding a person hostage and committing fraud or blackmail in return for a pay-out.

Hacking is no longer the sole requisite of the IT programmer. A swift Google search will return everything from Wikihow’s 12 steps to hacking (pictures included), to video tutorials on how to hack like a professional. So it’s no wonder that hacking and ransomware attempts have skyrocketed in the last 18 months - with 638 million attempts in 2016 up from 3.8 million attempts in 2015, according to a report by SonicWall. This has led to businesses worldwide paying the price.

Hacking has become the means by which cyber criminals have turned their focus upon the lack of network security to make very serious money.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Understanding what vulnerabilities you have and weighing the risks against the cost of securing those vulnerabilities is just another business decision that companies need to take. The understanding of what those risks are is the key to mitigating against them. The key to good security is intelligence. Node4 can help provide that insight through threat detection and protection.

N4Secure offers cybersecurity specialist expertise with top-of-the-range monitoring systems to detect and fight unseen security breaches and mitigate incursions before they appear.

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