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Techfest 2019 Round-Up: Here's the low-down from our new festival of innovation and technology

Paul Bryce

CCO at Node4

Technology is changing society and business - Techfest helped make sense of the future

This year we launched Techfest, our brand new annual festival of innovation and technology, where attendees came to learn how tech is shaping the future of our world. Held in London and with over 500 registrations, the unique format allowed attendees to design their day of education and networking, capturing the exciting potential of technology to change business for the better

Our keynote session on the future of technology was delivered by leading technology journalist, broadcaster and presenter of The Gadget Show, Georgie Barrat. Her vision of a dynamic and exciting tech-powered future rounded off the tone that the whole of Techfest laid out: together, we’re moving into an era of unprecedented opportunity and need to understand where the road ahead will take us.

Among other highlights presented on the Main Stage, applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright, looked at how technology is the single biggest driver of change in society. Organisations need to become much more athletic to cope with the challenges this brings, he explained, to succeed where constant, rapid change is becoming a permanent part of life.

Node4 customer, BMI Healthcare’s Ben Meade, revealed how this kind of digital transformation has changed his organisation for the better. He shared the story of how they are building a fully integrated IT infrastructure with Node4, enabling the business to work in much greater harmony to empower people, technology and processes.


Expertise on hand from the Tech Zones and Lightning Stage

Designed around five Tech Zones, Techfest provided access to Node4 experts and live demonstrations to help visitors understand the potential of technologies ranging from public cloud and collaboration, to AI data protection and cybersecurity. Node4 technology partners, including Netapp and VMware, explained how businesses are changing the way they think about technology to successfully move into a cloud and data-driven future.

Our keynote panel session uncovered the pros and cons of one of tech biggest trends – the public cloud. Alongside Georgie Barrat and Node4 CEO, Andy Gilbert, colleagues from Microsoft Azure and Supl, discussed how this juggernaut of technology trends can play a key role in future tech strategies.

The Techfest Lightning Stage offered 19 rapid, interactive expert sessions throughout the day. This access to knowledge, experience and expertise underlined the mission of Techfest: to let visitors design their own day based on a shared fascination in the future of technology and our individual areas of interest.

From meeting the experts and learning about the technology, to the live music and BBQ, we really enjoyed hosting Techfest 2019. Stay tuned for more content and news about the return of Techfest in 2020.

Check out our highlights of the day below:

Check out our website to keep up to date with our latest events. Photos from the day can be viewed here.