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Techfest 2019 - Innovation in Action

Paul Bryce

MD at Node4

“Innovate or Die”. It’s a saying I am sure we are all familiar with. It’s pretty blunt but the reality is it is true. How many businesses have seen fail because they didn’t innovate....Blockbuster, ToysRus, Kodak are just some of the examples of complacency or in some cases just stubbornness.

At Node4, under our ESaaS (Exceptional Service as a Standard) banner are 3 key words: Passion, Innovation and Trust. We recognise that for our business to continue to grow we constantly need to innovate – in technology and the way we do things. Our customers also highlight that innovation through technology is high on their agenda as they look to not just become more efficient and productive, but to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Our customers also say they look to us as trusted experts in technology to help them on their innovation journey.

And this is what has led to the birth of Techfest. It is a celebration of innovative technology. It is an event to provoke some thoughts and discussion, to challenge, to make us think are we making the most of what is available to us. This is your day and we have worked hard to shape an event where you can create your own agenda…. drop in on one of the keynotes to hear about future technology trends and predictions, listen to a lightning talk to get a fast paced brain dump of something that interests you in 10 minutes, wander around the zones to see demonstrations of interesting technology or hang out at the meet and greet area to make new contacts and discuss some of the things you have heard…you choose how you want to spend your day with us.

Techfest takes place this Friday 14th June and we hope to see you there.