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NPS Score Reaches a New High

Claire Rowland

Head of Customer Experience at Node4

Node4 customers are more likely than ever before to recommend us to a friend. That’s according to our latest NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey.

In June, as with every month, we circulated a survey to a cross-section of our customers, receiving an NPS score of +45 – the highest score we’ve achieved to date.

Customers also showed they were keen to report back on their satisfaction, as we received the best response rate we’ve ever had!

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This is encouraging news for several reasons:

  • If you’re a customer who scored us highly in this month’s survey, we’re delighted that you’re having a positive customer experience – so much so that you’d recommend us to a friend! It’s confirmation that we’re delivering on our promise of Exceptional Service as a Standard.
  • Regardless of how you scored us, if you responded to our survey, it’s great to know that the communication lines are open. Feedback in all its flavours is really important to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services, and the ways in which we deliver them.
  • If you’re a business choosing a technology provider, a deciding factor is often quality of service. What better way to judge our service than look at feedback provided by our customers, in the form of a national benchmark?

It’s worth noting that the NPS survey is just one of several opportunities for customers to give their feedback. To get the full picture, we measure customer experience in a number of ways, which I shared in my previous blog post.  

Thank-you to all customers who responded to this month’s survey and who continue to engage with us when we ask for your views.

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