Nottingham Office

Tom Hassan

Digital Marketing Executive at Node4

Taking a look at the latest development in our newest office.

Located in Nottingham's popular Lace Market, our latest office will be closely linked to our Derby HQ, being just a 25 minute train journey away.

"It is also a great opportunity for Node4 to get some city centre exposure, along with an even bigger recruitment pool for us to take on more talented staff to enhance the business”.

Paul Bryce, Node4 Commercial Director.

The refurb started in January 2017, and the office will be ready and in use by early April. It will be decked out in true Node4 style, with orange and grey furniture, a stylish kitchen area and a cosy reception giving our guests the best first impression of Node4 possible. Luke Warren, our Projects Delivery Manager explains,

“through the design process, we've blended the different Node4 office themes into a vibrant interactive open plan environment to enhance our ability to work collectively. ‘Node4 @ the POD’ is an exciting project and will be a great office to work out of once complete.”

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Look out for more pictures coming soon of the new space.