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Node4’s New Corporate Video: We Are The People

Andrew Gilbert

CEO at Node4

On the launch day of our corporate video, I’ve been thinking back to when we first started brainstorming ideas for the video, when we revisited some rather existential questions...

Who are we at Node4? What makes us different to everybody else out there? Why do our customers decide to work with us, when faced with multiple service providers with similar portfolios of solutions?

In that brainstorming meeting, we talked about how it’s not our technology that makes us so different, it’s how we deliver it. Certainly, our desire to have end-to-end control of our solutions sets us apart from many of our competitors. We own and manage our data centres, core network, cloud infrastructure and solutions that sit across them, so we have more control and confidence in the services we’re delivering. But that’s not the sum of what makes us different.

The biggest differentiator is our people. From the very start, Node4 has been about talented people with a passion for technology, and that hasn’t changed. Our passion continues to drive us to learn more, to innovate and find better solutions to your business challenges.

Our recruitment strategy has been about finding people who love what they do and our retention strategy about encouraging those people to pursue their professional goals, whether that means achieving CCIE accreditation or moving to a different team where they’ve discovered their strengths lie.

There’s more to us than passion for technology – we are the people focused on delivering exceptional customer service. Exceptional Service as a Standard is our culture; all of our staff are involved in our training programme defining what exceptional service looks like. We celebrate and reward exceptional service to customers and colleagues alike.

As a customer, we hope you notice the difference when interacting with us, whether you’re speaking to senior leadership, an engineer or an analyst on our Service Desk.

I could write at length on the amazing, talented people we have at Node4, but the video says it best. Take a look at the video.

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