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Have You Heard Our Latest Security News? | Node4 Certified by CREST

Nicola Moss

Head of Marketing at Node4

Certifications and awards are not something new for Node4’s security team, but even with this miserable winter weather, joining the CREST community has made them feel all warm inside.

CREST has certified the business as a global provider, cementing our expertise and authority in penetration testing, which sits comfortably with our other credentials like our Cyber Essentials certification and ISO27001.

We are delighted as this is an internationally-recognised certification for companies providing cyber incident response and threat intelligence.

“Penetration testing is one of the most critical components for any comprehensive IT security practice,” said Chief Technologist Steve Nice. “For us, being part of the CREST community is one of the hallmarks that embodies security best practice. It’s reassurance for our customers that we can protect them from even the most sophisticated cyber threats.”

The certification comes at an appropriate time as the team are currently offering free pen tests to businesses who want to test their applications and networks for vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit.

Our security team are as passionate as they are expert about all things security based - and rightly so. They believe that security should form the foundation of your IT infrastructure, not just be an afterthought.

This can be a complex issue for some businesses. Those, for example, which are continuing to operate on legacy systems to which they’ve just added disjointed security bolts-ons which perhaps aren’t exactly what they need. Or equally for businesses which are growing and adapting almost as quickly as the cyber threats out there, and don’t know how to scale or evolve the solutions that they already have.

Security should run right through your IT fabric, reaching out to every fibre, as ultimately your business is only as secure as its weakest point. Our team are working on how they can help you to achieve that regardless of your current IT infrastructure or budget; delivering the solutions you need based on your industry, compliance, goals and threat risk.

Only providers worth their salt will be able to deliver the solutions you need with the level of support that best suits your business.

We already have a wealth of solutions in our portfolio, which support and protect your business from cyber threats, test and analyse where your vulnerabilities lie, and provide best of breed network security solutions. This is in addition to next generation firewalls and hybrid cloud security.

We’re also, however, continually working to add new solutions as they are developed and winning awards and certifications to get our passion and capability for protecting your business out there, so CREST is a great new addition.

If you’d like to know more about what we do or how we do it, get to one of our many great events, showcasing our solutions and security gurus. Alternatively give us a call. We love to talk about security so we’re always happy to chat. Check out all of our current trials and deals on security tools below.

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