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Node4 Awarded Health and Social Care Network Accreditation Amidst Coronavirus Proving Exceptional Business Continuity

Paul Bryce

MD at Node4

Node4, the cloud, data centre and communications solutions provider, has today announced it has achieved official Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) supplier certification for the third year running. As a compliant HSCN provider, Node4 can provide seamless delivery of HSCN and overlay services to the health and social care sector through its network of UK-based data centres. This is a particularly critical certification given the current pandemic, and all testing was rigorously undertaken by third-party evaluators that focused on business continuity and the reliability of the IT to deliver services.

The Health and Social Care Network provides a procurement framework for healthcare organisations looking to invest in digital services. In order to be compliant, organisations must adhere to strict guidelines and testing to ensure reliable and efficient data services to buyers.

“We pride our business on industry-leading connectivity solutions, and to be able to offer those to such an important sector in such a trying time is incredibly important to us,” commented Paul Bryce, CCO at Node4. "Our connectivity solutions also give access to our wider portfolio of cloud, security and collaboration services to enable digital transformation within the healthcare sector. The NHS and related organisations have bespoke security and infrastructure challenges, and we are committed to helping solve them."

HSCN was one of many accreditations Node4 received in 2020 that demonstrate its commitment to business continuity and data security amidst times of great uncertainty.

The company also achieved G-Cloud 12 for public sector customers, such as housing associations, that need to procure from a framework. It also achieved PCI compliance again. PCI DSS is the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that was set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. Re-certification meant undertaking tests in terms of physical security, and internal security awareness training. This year, Node4 introduced enhanced training for staff, where the company simulated phishing attacks and stress-tested employees and functions, especially crucial for the remote workforce of 2020.

Amongst the certifications were also internationally recognised ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001. ISO 27001 recognises that Node4’s core platforms (data centres and networks), billing, data management, fulfilment and support meet the standards for information security. ISO 9001 certified the company’s quality management, and was particularly key given there was no impairment to services from Node4 during COVID-19. ISO 50001 relates to energy management. This is about maintenance and testing of equipment and infrastructure to ensure it is environmentally efficient.

“For every business, the pandemic has been a sink or swim moment,” added Paul. “For Node4, these recent accreditations prove to our customers and colleagues that we have all the necessary precautions in place to ensure complete business continuity, despite the challenges this year threw at us. We have always kept up with these accreditations, and this year proved the importance of that, as the pandemic serves as a proof of concept on Node4’s business continuity procedures. Things like incident management, change management, problem management, these are the operational heartbeat of an organisation, and especially in the world of IT, these need close monitoring and updating year on year.”