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Node4 Announces Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) Stage 2 Compliance

Managed service provider recognised as key vendor of next generation IT services

Node4, the cloud, data centre and communications solutions provider, has today announced it has achieved official Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) supplier certification. As a Stage 2 compliant HSCN provider, Node4 can provide seamless delivery of HSCN and overlay services to the health and social care sector through its network of UK-based data centres.

The Health and Social Care Network provides a procurement framework for healthcare organisations looking to invest in digital services. In order to be compliant, organisations must adhere to strict guidelines and testing to ensure reliable and efficient data services to buyers.

The initial stage of HSCN accreditation, achieved by Node4 last year, meant that the company is able to bid and quote the NHS, as well as social care organisations, for HSCN Connectivity. This latest certificate means that Node4 can now also bid, quote and migrate customers from the previous N3 system to the new HSCN system that replaces it. This allows customers who subscribe to HSCN from Node4 to benefit from its overlay of services including cloud hosting, security services and fully managed collaboration in order to help drive operational efficiency.

“We are delighted to be one of the few select companies that have earned the accreditation to provide extensive HSCN services to healthcare organisations,” commented Paul Bryce, Chief Commerical Officer at Node4. “We pride our business on our industry-leading connectivity solutions, and to be able to offer those to such an important sector of industry is incredibly important to us. Our connectivity solutions also give access to our wider portfolio of cloud, security and collaboration services to further assist the NHS on its digital transformation journey. The NHS and similar organisations have bespoke security and infrastructure challenges, and we are committed to help solve them.”