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National Apprenticeship Week: Why We Love Apprentices

Dave Birchall & David Wilson

Interim Head of People & Performance and Recruitment Manager

With National Apprenticeship Week in full swing, Recruitment Manager David Wilson and Interim Head of People & Performance Dave Birchall discuss their take on apprentices and what they bring to Node4.

What do you love about apprentices?

David W – They are future talent for the business! If we support and mentor apprentices in a positive way, the investment pays off as they progress within the company.

Dave B – They’re at grass roots level. We can offer them entry into the workforce and the start of a rewarding career, learning on the job while gaining skills and experience, before they move into more senior roles within the business.

What do apprentices bring to Node4?

Dave B – Energetic, bright minds, which adds to the richness and diversity of the workforce. They come with fresh ideas and different perspectives.

David W – They’re typically open to understanding the culture of the business, and we can reinforce this as they develop.

Any downsides?

David W – No, if we recruit the right apprentices they are seen as fully integrated employees from the start. Provided they join with the right work ethic and attitude, they will be rewarded with the respect they deserve.

How does Node4 support apprentices?

Dave B - There is undoubtedly a challenge involved with bringing young people into the workplace, as it is such a different environment to school and college. So we make sure they are supported by managers and the wider team. It’s something that we work hard towards – encouraging regular meetings between managers and setting clear expectations from day one. This helps to build a framework for the apprentice to flourish in and allows the manager to concentrate on developing the apprentice’s skills and development within the role.

Are you hiring?

Dave B – Yes, we are actively recruiting apprentices. To find out more about current vacancies, visit our careers page, visit our careers page.