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Expectations of your employees, customers and partners will continually change and it’s vital that you’re able to deploy solutions that can meet these demands now and in the future. This is where N4Engage can help.


Who are N4Engage?

N4Engage are a dedicated team of collaboration experts within the Node4 family. The team was established in January 2020 to help deliver a comprehensive suite of collaboration solutions, allowing your business to communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners securely, increasing your business productivity and adapting to changing demands.
As part of Node4, N4Engage have a well-recognised wealth of experience in helping businesses – big and small – to optimise their communications infrastructure, built on Node4’s wholly-owned, managed network or from carefully selected, industry-celebrated partners.


Cloud-based collaboration services

Collaboration is a constantly evolving technology area. Many businesses are on a workplace transformation journey, moving from telephony only solutions or on-premise hardware to a cloud based solution. This migration opens opportunities for integrating into other business applications and can provide greater business analytics and data, which can help quickly identify issues or opportunities to improve efficiencies. Most of our customers have now embraced or are starting to look at team collaboration. This allows communication using various means, such as video or instant messaging, as well as traditional voice telephony. Whilst these tools are now commonplace in users’ personal lives, we can deliver them in a corporate environment and can ensure that they are secure, compliant, and reliable.

We can help you with:

  • Workplace Transformation: migrate your legacy platforms to the cloud to reduce costs and increase resiliency, agility, and security.
  • Team Collaboration & Mobility: bring teams together and boost business productivity with tools such as Microsoft Teams and Webex.
  • Customer Contact: guarantee excellent customer experiences with a multi-channel contact center.
  • Security & Compliance: meet your business demands with a secure, reliable, and compliant cloud-based collaboration platform.
  • Business Productivity: become more effective and efficient with our business productivity and analytics tools.
  • SIP Trunking: make cost effective calls, without compromising on quality, with our integrated SIP Trunking solution.

N4Engage provide managed collaboration services customised for your industry. Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. No matter the business, we have you covered with industry compliant solutions, customised to your company’s specific needs.

Get to know the N4Engage team even further in our ‘Meet The Team’ blog where we sat down with three members of the team to explore their thoughts on the past, the present, and the future of Unified Communications. Find out here what Scott Miller, Will Chapman, and Jordan Kirby had to say here.


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