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Managing Your Own On-Premise IT infrastructure is Difficult: 6 Reasons to Consider Colocation

Thankfully, there's a powerful solution to managing your own IT on-premise infrastructure: Colocation.

In this article, we will look at 6 reasons why colocation might be just what your business needs.

Today, the colocation market is growing exponentially—451 Research project that global colocation services will tip $33 Billion by 2018, saying,

"colocation is quickly becoming the nexus of both cloud and enterprise IT."

It's no surprise to see this sort of growth being predicted. Data is becoming more and more important to organisations of all sizes, in every sector, and as a result the need for storage, and everything associated, is increasing exponentially.

But as on-premise solutions increase in cost and complexity, most UK businesses are considering colocation as a cost-effective and reliable alternative.

And here's why:

Increased Cost Control

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of a colocation service is cost control.

Colocation gives you greater control of your overall costs with a predictable OpEx model, rather than having to invest in building, securing, and maintaining your own on-premise solution.

Reliability and Confidence

Downtime is disastrous: An unplanned outages absolutely will not provide revenue for your business.

Preventing downtime for you and your clients can be both difficult and costly with your own on-premise solution. However, colocating with a purpose built Data Centre gives you confidence that your IT estate is stable, secure and protected.

Colocation service providers take the steps necessary to mitigate against possible outages caused by a whole host of issues from power outages to security breaches, to acts of nature. They put all this is place and can ensure that your equipment and applications will remain available and operational, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Increased network capabilities

Business applications have become more advanced and complex, and will continue to do so. The down side with this is that bandwidth requirements sky-rocket, too.

This is where colocation becomes a viable choice.

With colocation, the Data Centre does all the leg work for you. You can benefit from a wide range of connectivity options, from dedicated Internet connections to site-to-site connectivity, linking up multiple business locations.

When it comes to your business applications, there's no need to worry about bandwidth.

24/7 Support

This is another one of the benefits of colocating, if you can find a Data Centre that offers this service.

Best of breed colocation providers ensure that all your most critical systems benefit from around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring. Moreover, remote hands and eyes services can also be available to you to supplement maintenance and management of servers and equipment.

To top that off, the best colocation providers will give you around-the-clock access to IT experts, giving you peace of mind that a professional will always be available to troubleshoot or assist.

Security and Data Protection

Data breaches have increased year-on-year and they will continue to grow.

Combine the loss of valuable data with the fact that breach penalties are becoming more expensive, and it becomes easy to see that a data breach could be disastrous for your business.

Again, best of breed colocation providers have multiple layers of security including: 24/7 onsite security, cabinet and cage locks, camera surveillance, strict entry policies, anti-tailgating pods, and more, as a standard part of their service offering.

That's a whole host of security measures that would be extremely difficult to apply to your own on-premise solution.

Freeing Business Growth

The benefits of colocation give you a very flexible growth strategy.

Your business can benefit significantly from hosting your owned equipment in a secure, resilient facility.

By managing all of these elements for users, colocation providers can offer businesses significant cost savings compared to managing an on-premise solution.

Ultimately, this gives you the freedom to grow in the future.

Final Words

Can the benefits of colocation be summed up in one sentence?

Easy: all the benefits that come from a Data Centre environment, but without having to build your own.

Choosing the right colocation provider is important. No two colocation providers are the same, and businesses need to find colocation providers that understand their businesses, and perhaps more importantly, work in partnership to provide colocation solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements of their business.

Have you ever considered or tried colocation? Contact us directly for an in-depth discussion on how Node4 can help. Or, you can read about our services HERE.

(Sources: Node4, Commsbusiness, Data Centre Knowledge).

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