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Making our Partner Service even better!

To improve any service, it begins with understanding your partners well enough to anticipate theirs and their customers’ future needs

Understanding our individual partners’ current needs and drivers is essential, but working to anticipate their future needs, is our real goal. This means that we are fully prepared to deliver what they need as soon as they need it, allowing them to be as agile and flexible as the solutions we deliver.

Our mission is to make sure that we have the right technology to meet the specific goals of our partners and their customers now, AND in the future. Our recent customer and partner service stats suggest that’s working out well.

Following on from this year’s survey, we are pleased to say that our NPS (Net Promoter Score) score has risen further to +42.

We plan to keep making this score even better. It’s our constant innovation and thinking about how we can make things better for everyone that keeps our score continuously improving.

So, here’s what’s next…

We are introducing smaller, more intimate, dedicated service teams. We’ve never been a typical, anonymous provider, but we are taking that commitment and personalised approach even further.

While most providers seem to be prioritising speed over everything else, we are constantly putting measures in place to make sure that we keep quality as our number one focus.

We are also integrating state-of-the-art automation over our whole service delivery system, but only when it benefits your customers and returns time to engineers who can then add more direct value.

Tom Needs, Node4’s COO, who is responsible for these new changes, said: “We believe wholeheartedly that technical innovation underpins success and drives organisational change and we don’t just push that out to customers and partners, we completely embrace it ourselves.”

Here’s what else we are rolling out:

Enterprise Grade Monitoring - We are delighted with ScienceLogic, our new monitoring solution, which joins everything up and allows partners, customers, and us, a detailed, fully transparent view of their whole estate from a business outcome perspective. It covers every aspect of data and solutions and will optimise reporting and analysis, delivering far more accurate predictions to keep businesses firing on all cylinders.

World-leading Service Management Tools: Our new software, ServiceNow, will deliver a great customer experience and the ability to submit requests, raise incidents and track the progress of a case directly through a user portal. It will also improve availability and agility in pinpointing and alleviating disruptions.

Immediate Incident Escalation Software: We’ve implemented PagerDuty, the best incident response tool on the market, for efficient and immediate out-of-hours escalation and communication to guarantee targeted and rapid engagement for our Node4 engineering team, partners and customers.

It's always an exciting time welcoming new tech into Node4. We are confident we are building a platform to enable the future growth and success for both ourselves and our partners and can’t wait for everyone to feel its benefits and to find out what's next on our list.