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Hyperconvergence Lets You Bend IT, Shape IT, Any Way You Want IT

What is hyperconvergence?

This type of technology is quite new to the market, so new in fact that many business owners are not sure what it is, or how it can help their business. The best way to understand about hyperconvergence is to look at what IT departments need.

In essence, it boils down to three main needs:


IT departments want to have their compute, network, and storage integrated into a single solution/device that can be deployed in minutes, with simplicity assured end-to-end. This means IT can move faster and support their digital transformation goals.


The market place changes so quickly that, often, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up. IT departments need to be able to ‘snap their fingers’ and make change happen. They need to be able to scale and contract their data centre capacity based on changing application and workload demands. If they need more or less compute or storage capacity, they want to be able to configure and provision instantly.


Businesses need to be able to follow increased demand with increased output. However, they don’t want that to push man-hours and energy input through the roof. They want a platform that not only minimises integration and support costs, but also reduces the resource required to manage it.

So, to put that in perspective, in today’s day and age, businesses need an IT infrastructure that can move at the same speed as the business itself. Hyperconverged infrastructure makes this possible, allowing data management to be radically simplified.

So, what’s different about a hyperconverged infrastructure? How can it help IT departments have a better chance of achieving greater agility, adaptability, and efficiency?

Think about it this way.

Consider your smartphone: processing, memory, network connectivity, access to applications in a platform approach, all in one place—and it can all be activated in seconds.

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings the same smartphone experience to the data centre.

Now imagine this: Compute, network and, storage, all combined in a single appliance that can be deployed in minutes, with a software platform that provides limitless scale.

Hyperconvergence is quite possibly the biggest innovation in data centre infrastructure since server virtualisation.


This is where Node4 comes in with Hyperflex.

HyperFlex is Cisco’s latest innovation for the hyperconverged market. It delivers the pay-as-you-grow economics IT departments’ need, with no compromise on agility, adaptability, and efficiency. You can bend IT, shape IT, any way you want IT.

What makes HyperFlex tick?

At the heart of the platform is the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). However, what makes this a fantastic, no compromise option is what’s added.

Firstly, the software is unique

IT departments really need a storage system for Virtual Machines that can provide limitless scale and performance. The HyperFlex software is built from the ground up for IT department needs.

There is no compromise between scale and performance.

Secondly, Hyperflex can scale compute and storage capacity independently

Cisco’s Data Platform can use racks and blades, allowing independent increasing or decreasing scaling of compute and storage capacity.

It’s like a stress ball; you can pull and stretch it whichever way you want, based on your demands. HyperFlex is stress relief for the data centre.

There is no compromise between compute scale and storage capacity.

Thirdly, superior cost control

HyperFlex software is offered as a subscription, reducing the upfront deployment cost. It has advanced data optimisation features that increase utilisation and lower total cost of ownership. The economic model matches the pay-as-you-grow technology model IT departments need, with no trade-off between features and higher cost

There is no compromise on cost.

Fourthly, managing HyperFlex is a piece of cake!

Instead of requiring IT departments to learn yet another management interface, Cisco has a plug-in for VMware vCenter. Management of storage becomes just another tab in vCenter, minimising both the learning curve and any disruption to operations.

There is no compromise between deployment and management.

And lastly, HyperFlex is unique

HyperFlex is the only hyperconverged infrastructure solution that provides an integrated network, as well as storage and compute for the first truly converged infrastructure on the market place. The solution also includes Cisco’s Fabric Interconnects as part of the offering.

There is no compromise on networking.

Hyperconvergence lets you bend IT, shape IT, any way you want IT.