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How a Visit to Cisco Inspired the Node4 Mobile Solution Centre

In August 2016, we took a trip to the Cisco Experience Centre at Bedfont Lakes to watch a demonstration of their Hosted Collaboration Solutions.

To register your interest in a visit from the Mobile Solution Centre, please fill in the form at the bottom and we’ll arrange to come and visit you.

Cisco are recognised by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as the leader in UC (July 2016), and the Cisco Experience Centre showed us why. It was a very impressive set up, complemented with an informative and slick demonstration of their capabilities. We were that impressed in fact, we’ve been inspired to create our own unique experience centre and take our own customer demonstrations to a whole new level, especially as we plan to launch a new cloud-based UC offering during the early months of 2017.

The Cisco Experience Centre

From the very start, we could see that Cisco knew how to give a great customer experience. A few things really caught our eye during the Cisco demonstration: The layout of the Cisco equipment made for a seamless flow, and the clean design (see below pictures) added to the luxurious overall feel.

The setting, along with the opportunity to interact and engage with the telephony and telepresence equipment at all stages of the demo, created a very user-friendly demonstration. The combination of excellent technology and slick surroundings made for a fantastic experience.

[gallery size="large" link="file" ids="24924,24925,24926"]

After the demonstration and tour, we asked ourselves, “how can we create an equally stunning user experience when demonstrating our solutions, including our new Cisco powered UC offering?” Plus, “how can we bring this level of experience to all of our customers and partners within the UK?”

So, we came up with the idea of a Solution Centre – that is mobile!

The Node4 Mobile Solution Centre had to create the same user experience that the Cisco Experience Centre created, but also with the flexibility to bring that experience directly to the doorstep of those who want to see it.

We are currently working with our UC team to spec the Node4 Mobile Solution Centre, and create the demo suite itself. It will bring us the ability to demonstrate IM, presence, Webex, file-sharing and many more features, all delivered via our own cloud infrastructure, and show how a business can improve its productivity through collaboration tools & technology.

Alongside the UC team, we have been in close communication with our sales team to make sure that what we were creating would work for them, many of whom would have to give demonstrations in the vehicle.

[gallery link="file" size="large" ids="24968,24970,24972"]

There’s still lots of work to do before the Node4 Mobile Solution Centre is finally ready to go on its inaugural tour, but we are all very excited to see the final product and get Partners and customers to sign up for a visit. We anticipate Node4 being on the road from April 2017.

To register your interest in a visit from the Mobile Solution Centre, please fill in the form below and we’ll arrange to come and visit you.

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