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Great partnerships make great things happen – HomeServe says it how it is!

Our ‘TRANSFORMIT – your fabric of the future’ was such a successful event, and the parts of the day that really made it shine, were our customer stories.

One of the guys who kindly joined us, on the day, was HomeServe’s, Head of Technology, Matt Hollis. We were delighted to have him onboard. Here’s what he said about his partnership with our team of specialists.

He started with a brief background on the business.

HomeServe has 5000 employees worldwide and 8 million customers globally. Latest published figures show revenue hitting just under £1billion and profits at £135-140million. It’s also listed in the Top 10 Glass Door ‘best places to work’. It’s flying.

“The business got a to a point in 2014, before working with Node4, where they decided to stop, take stock and think about what they really wanted to achieve,” Matt said. “We decided we wanted a whole new strategy for IT and a new strategy for the business. That’s how this partnership was formed.”

HomeServe had a lot of legacy systems and processes in place with communications rooms and technology positioned all over the UK. They looked to Node4 for colocation, cloud, WAN and to bring all their technology together for a huge modernisation drive. Their plan was to scale quickly but keep their IT department lean.

“You need a great partnership to do great things,’ Matt said. “The thing with Node4 is that I can start them on a path and then concentrate on something else, just knowing it will get finished.”

With us onboard as a virtual IT team, available 24/7/365 for enhancing agility, scalability and flexing up and down, HomeServe once again embarked on a successful period of acquisitions.

“Node4 give us the bandwidth to get things done,” he continued.

HomeServe use a mix of our private cloud and public cloud to suit their needs. We’ve also supported their global web platforms, a global CRM and their new, well-received technology innovations.

“Last year, we renamed the infrastructure team, ‘the cloud services team’ and won the Team of the Year 2017. That’s really saying something, because we were up against some real talent from the frontline engineers,” Matt explained. “For us to bring an IT team in to the spotlight and go through a big enough culture change to embrace our new technology is remarkable.”
“At HomeServe, we are huge believers in looking after our people so that our people can look after our customers. Being an engineer can sometimes throw up very challenging times. Our frontline engineers come across some vulnerable people who need our help. We want to be able to do the right thing and help these people. The technology we have in place now allows us to do that.”

The Node4 team is excited to see what else HomeServe have in store for us on their growth plan. Whatever their new goals are, we know we’ll be able to help get them there.

Node4’s Cloud Transformation Consultancy offers an affordable, disruption-free, and efficient service – enabling digital transformation.