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Ensuring Data Centre Availability…

There are many data centre providers across the UK but how do customers know that they are using the right supplier to ensure 24/7 reliability and protection?

Node4 design, build and operate our own data centres in the UK along with the cloud, network, security and other services running from these sites. This allows us to be flexible with our offerings and allows our customers to maintain full control with huge cost savings, which is something that most of our competitors cannot offer. Because we own everything, we understand how everything works and fits together.

Our data centres are designed to be highly resilient in terms of power, cooling and network infrastructure. In the event of a mains power problem, we have redundant electrical systems, N+1 generator backup and N+N UPS which are regularly tested and fully maintained. Our cooling systems are fully redundant and provide the ideal environment for your equipment throughout the year. We also monitor our infrastructure 24/7/365 to ensure that performance, capacity and availability are as they should be.

Critically, Node4 can provide colocation, cloud and network services from geographically diverse sites linked by our privately owned dark fibre network. With a High Availability (HA) solution spread between sites, this gives you complete protection from any site related issue, no matter how unlikely or unlucky. We can work with you to put in place Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plans that fit your business needs.

So here are some key questions for your data centre/cloud provider:

  • Do they own and operate their own multiple data centre facilities in the UK?
  • Do they own and manage the cloud platform and network services linking these facilities?
  • Are the individual data centre sites designed to be resilient in the event of a fault or planned maintenance?
  • Is the infrastructure regularly maintained and tested?
  • Can they provide High Availability solutions across multiple sites for your colocation, cloud or other hosted services?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, your IT and your business may be at risk of downtime.

Colocation, Cloud or Hybrid cloud in Node4’s UK Data Centres ensures that your IT service delivery and infrastructure is underpinned by our secure, enterprise-level resiliency and connectivity.

For a limited time only, we are offering new customers discounted rental rack space within our ISO27001 certified data centres until the 31st December. Find out more here. We can also help you migrate to our data centre with temporary cloud resource.

You can also register for our upcoming 2018 data centre open days - meet Node4 experts, receive a live tour and see live demos.