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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Feedback

Claire Rowland

Head of Customer Experience at Node4

When another survey appears in your inbox or a pop up asks for your feedback, it can be tempting to dismiss it and continue with whatever else you are doing.

But if you’re a Node4 customer, it’s worth considering the pay-off from taking a couple of minutes to respond to us.

Ultimately when you provide feedback, we know where we stand and can take those next steps to make our services better.

If you’re happy with our services, this might mean exploring opportunities for joint PR and networking with our other customers (if you’d like to). If you’re not so happy, it’s about identifying where we’ve gone wrong and how we can improve.

Got a few minutes now? Send feedback to your Customer Experience Manager.

Below I break down the different ways you can provide feedback and what we do with your comments, questions and suggestions.

How you can provide feedback

1. Net Promoter Scoring (NPS)
2. Annual Survey
3. Ticket responses


1. Net Promoter Scoring (NPS)

At some point, you’ll receive an email or see a pop up on our website asking you ‘On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend?’

We send out this question to a sample of customers on a monthly basis, so there is a regular opportunity for you to give feedback.

The score is a quick and convenient way to let us know how you’re feeling about us generally - as you wouldn’t recommend a poor service provider to a friend! You can also add comments if you want to elaborate on the score, but it’s not obligatory.

How we respond: If your score is 7 or below, I’ll follow up with you to discuss why you’re not entirely happy and how we can improve.

If on the other hand, you score consistently highly, we’ll invite you on to our customer advocacy programme, which offers opportunities to work with us in mutually beneficial ways.


2. Annual Survey

Of course, a quick NPS score doesn’t give you the space to share all your views on Node4 and its services. We still want to hear those views, so every year we send out a survey to all of our customers.

You can have your say on our level of service – from your relationship with your account manager, to how your tickets are handled by the Service Desk and technical teams.

You can also share your views on our solutions portfolio. Are we providing everything your business needs or are you having to look elsewhere for IT solutions aligned to your business strategy?

How we respond: We share this feedback with our exec team, who’ll use it when making decisions on service improvements and future offerings.


3. Ticket responses

Perhaps you have feedback on a particular interaction with us? In which case, the best time to provide it is there and then! Once we’ve resolved a ticket for you, we’ll ask you to rate the ticket response.

How we respond: Your feedback gives us a flavour of how the Service Desk is performing and again helps us to make decisions on service improvements.


Your feedback is valuable

As you can see, at various touchpoints, there are opportunities for you to give feedback and we encourage you to seize those opportunities.

You win in the end, as the more you speak to us, the more in tune we become to things that are working well for you and things that aren’t. It’s that regular feedback loop that makes us a better managed services provider.

How are you feeling about us today? Send feedback to our Customer Experience Manager Claire Rowland.