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Apprentice Story: Why I Chose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Tom Hassan

Digital Marketing Executive at Node4

I left school after my A-levels, certain that I didn’t want to go to university, but not knowing how to get into my desired career in marketing. After emailing over 50 agencies asking for an internship or any form of work experience, and having no luck, I thought I might have to give up.

I wasn’t aware that apprenticeships were available outside of the more commonly known fields of carpentry or engineering. It wasn’t until a family friend suggested having a look that I began the search for a digital marketing apprenticeship. Numerous digital marketing opportunities caught my eye, and after sending off some applications, I was quickly given the opportunity with Node4.

As I was thrown into working with social channels, Adobe Design tools and much more within my first few months, I knew immediately that I would get the experience that I wanted.

I started out dabbling in numerous areas of marketing, from preparing to attend events to creating infographics for our website. Over the course of my apprenticeship, I became more focused on digital marketing and took ownership of certain tasks within the team.

After passing my apprenticeship, I was given the role of Digital Marketing Assistant at Node4 and have since taken on more responsibility throughout the team and wider business. I’ve helped create Node4’s digital marketing strategy by changing the way we talk to our audiences, alongside implementing the best tools to allow us do this.

It’s been five years since I started my apprenticeship, and I’ll always be grateful for the programme and how it has led me to the role I currently have, at a company I love working for.

My three top tips for those interested in apprenticeships….

  • See if there’s an apprenticeship in your desired field – I had no idea there were digital marketing apprenticeships.
  • University isn’t for everyone – schools tend to promote the university route, but an apprenticeship might be better suited. Explore your options and decide on what’s best for you.  
  • If you’re successful, absorb as much information as possible. Even if you don’t get offered a full-time role after your apprenticeship, you’ll have learnt so much in the 12-15 months of your apprenticeship.