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AM DigiTech 2017: the highlights

Tom Hassan

Digital Marketing Executive at Node4

AM DigiTech 2017: the highlights

All-in-all this year’s AM DigiTech seemed to be a highly useful show, both for us as an exhibitor and for delegates. Attendance was good with a decent crowd and as such our Node4 team were able to showcase our technical expertise within the in the automotive, motor-trade industry. We were able to help dealers better-understand how to create integrated experiences that can smoothly connect their customers with their business.

Generally-speaking, delegates wanted to discuss in depth the many technological and digital challenges facing today’s auto dealers. Dealers are feeling a pressing need to prepare for digital transformation in order to meet the needs of the digitally sophisticated consumer, so as you would imagine, the ‘future of the industry was something of a hot topic.

One of the key highlights of the show was Richard Buxton, Head of Unified Communications, and Shane Dove, Head of Commercial Sales, who gave a joint presentation. The team discussed a Motorpoint case study, which helped Node4 show an established presence in the automotive industry, and demonstrate how cloud-based services can help other businesses in the motor space. We were able to promote the fact that we can cater an end-to-end IT solution from multiple sites to 1 unified place.

The general feedback from most conversations at the show was that most dealers recognised the potential of Node4’s solutions to address industry challenges and market trends effectively.

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