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8 Free Resources for Remote Working

Paul Bryce

MD at Node4

Remote working (or working from home) have been the words on everyone’s lips over the past few weeks. In response to Government advice, we’ve seen many businesses speedily adapt their operations for mass remote working.

To support you and your teams during this time, we've pulled together a mix of expert advice, training and tools.

Go ahead and share with your organisation and if there is a topic/resource that you think our community is in desperate need of right now, let us know.

We’ll continue to update this page with our latest resources, so please check back in every so often.


1. Read our guide on staying happy, connected and productive.
2. Watch our video on working from home securely.
3. Read our blog on managing cyber security challenges.
4. Share our infographic on spotting Office365 phishing emails.
5. Join our webinar on protecting your business during vulnerable times.
6. Sign up for our tool for collaborating effectively.
7. Watch our webinar series to learn more about digital transformation.
8. Keep your children occupied with our colouring competition.


1. Download our guide: 16 Tips to Help You Stay Happy, Connected and Productive

For all of us, working from home comes with its challenges, whether they’re staying connected with people, working productively or looking after yourself as your routine changes. Get tips on how to overcome these challenges in our free downloadable guide.


2. Watch our video: Tips for Working from Home Securely

The same rules apply whether you're in the office or at home – users must take steps to protect themselves and your organisation from cyber security breaches. Not sure where to start managing your security remotely? Our expert Martin Rothe is on hand to provide a few tips.

HubSpot Video


3. Read our blog: How to Manage the Cyber Security Challenges of Working from Home

Our Chief Technologist, Steve Nice, discusses the two biggest cyber security challenges that businesses face with widespread remote working: phishing email attacks and users connecting via VPN using personal devices. Find out more about them (and how you can tackle them).


4. Share our infographic: How to Spot Office365 Phishing Emails

Cyber criminals are counting on users being more susceptible, as they’re adjusting to new work routines and may be less vigilant when it comes to recognising phishing emails. It’s more important than ever that you educate users, so send them our infographic on how to spot Office365 phishing emails.


5. Join our webinar: Phishing Attacks: How to Protect Your Business During Vulnerable Times

Whether it’s an unsuspecting user divulging their credentials or downloading malware, the impact on your business can be devastating, so it’s important you take preventative actions against this. In this on demand webinar, we give you some ideas on how best to protect your business from user error.


6. Sign up for Cisco Webex Meetings – free of charge

In the rush to set up your staff so they can work remotely, it’s unlikely you’ve had the time to take a step back and assess whether you have the right tools for your teams to be productive outside of the office environment. We understand that your business can’t afford to stop, so we’re offering access to our Cisco Webex Meeting solutions free of charge.


7. Watch our TransformIT 2020 webinar series

Get expert advice on digital transformation without leaving your desk. Choose from our six on demand webinars covering key topics including Azure, Unified Communications, DBaaS, SD-WAN, digital transformation support and security.


8. Keep your kids occupied with the Node4 colouring competition

It’s open to any child of primary school age, with a fantastic prize for the winner! So get your children involved and send on to any parents in your organisation. To enter, tag us in a photo of their masterpiece on social media, or email entries to marketing@node4.co.uk by Friday 4th April 2020.


Want to improve communication and collaboration between remote teams? Sign up for our Cisco Webex Meetings solution – free of charge.